Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Immature Critic

As a watcher of movies and a haver of opinions, the idea of writing a movie review has always appealed to me. Actually, the idea of getting paid to do it and also getting advanced screenings of upcoming films is more what appealed to me. Nevertheless, even the big reviewers probably had to start small (ie, writing for a blog no one reads), before blossoming into people whose opinions are apparently better than mine.

For the first of no doubt many Immature Poets illustrious reviews, I have chosen the film (which may end up gendering me a little despite the fantastic anonymity of the blogging world): He’s Just Not That Into You.

For starters, I’m going to go out on a controversial limb and disagree with the prevailing sentiments of other reviewers on this one and declare is a fine film! This is mostly because it’s edgy and cool to disagree with the majority, but also because I really did like it. Granted, there were definitely some mixed messages and at the end I’m not sure what the movie was really trying to tell women, but really doesn’t that just make it profound?

Also, at first I was a little reluctant to consider the guy from the Mac commercials as a credible lothario or romantic lead. “Why are all these hot women going for that lame guy?” was a question that crossed my mind early on. By the end though, he had won me over with his shiny hair and bizarre last act character change.

I would definitely recommend seeing this film in a theater setting (as opposed to illegally downloading it, which I would NEVER condone). Not because it has sweeping scenery or an epic quality, but just because the audience was mostly women and they were very vocal during the movie. Also, there is inevitable post movie discussion potential! It is a veritable treasure trove of ethical questions just waiting to be unearthed.

I’m not saying this movie is perfect or that is should be nominated for an Oscar or that it should be revered as a work of fine art above all movies ever made in any language since the onset of film making. In fact, some aspects are troubling about it. Mostly the fact that I ended up finding Ben Affleck the most likeable male character. But overall, I consider this experience $11 reasonably well spent (which translates to about….3 stars).

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