Saturday, February 14, 2009

Immature Music

So, last night I volunteered at an art show near the Navy Yard in SE DC. At least I assume its near the Navy Yard, cause that's the metro stop.

It was a joint art show between a few organizations and the apartment complex, which was trying to show how trendy and cool it was to live there. Hipsters galore.

I was bartending in the tent, which was where some artists were painting live, which was pretty neat. The were also experimental musicians performing, which was incredible. This led to three top moments of the night, in no particular order, and not all music related:

1. Two musicians were performing together (one who kept trying to hit on my co-bartender.) There sound bordered between feedback and cats dying. My favorite moment, though, was when one of the members made a slight adjustment on his mixer, and the other person gave him a horrible look of disgust. Like "What the hell did you just do?"

2. Another guy came over to get our free pretzels, and was talking to someone, and just kept missing the bucket, and ended up almost reaching into the trash. My friend and I just stared, and when he realized we were watching it ended up being the most awkward moment of the night for me.

3. The last band to play had some amazing lyrics. The best, I'm sure, were spoken through a french horn, making them completely unintelligible. One guy came over to talk to us while they played, and said "Man, interesting, huh? They sure are unique. What is that? A french horn. Definitely a french horn." before walking away. Other lyrics we could understand were: "Prepared by the court eunuchs! In the catherdraaaaaaaaaal!" and "We make sheep meat for the king!"

It was definitely an interesting night.

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