Friday, February 6, 2009

There's Something about Shamu

My friend informed me about the silly idea of Shamu's shows having names. You know, Sea World Shamu. She sent me some examples like these:

1971-1974 Shamu Goes Hollywood
1974-1975 Shamu for Mayor
1975-1977 Shamu the Yankee Doodle Whale
1977-1980 Shamu Goes to College

And then told me about some other name ideas she came up with, like "Weekend at Shamu's." jessicarobot:which would be like Weekend at Bernie's
me: hahaha
me: shamu dies mid show?
jessicarobot: only way funnier because 2 dudes carrying around a dead killer whale and pretending it's alive

Some Honorable Mentions, first: When Harry Met Shamu, A Streetcar named Shamu, The Hunt for Red Shamu, For the Love of the Shamu, My Dog Shamu, Of Mice and Shamu, The Shamus of Wrath,

Well, here are my top ten Shamu shows:

10. Slumdog Shamu

9. Shamu Wars

8. Shamu likes it Hot

7. Mystery Shamu Theatre 3000

6. La Dolce Shamu

5. Night of the living Shamu

4. The Shamu Redemption

3. Million Dollar Shamu

2. Shamu's List

1. The Seven Shamuri

I think that about does it. Besides the fact that Shamuri need to be a real thing.